offers secure and custom cloud storage solutions 

Riga, Latvia
Established in 2007

Teaser of the company provides secure and customizable cloud storage solutions to business and private users, so that you can easily store, share, backup or sell files worldwide. We build easy to use yet powerful, modern and innovative software products for file storage applications since 2007. Technology, experience working together and knowledge of our target market unites us. will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart: online content marketplace

We empower creators to monetize their original content by helping them sell and market their content – photos, videos, music, books and docs, by offering ready-made customizable file stores that have more and better features (tailored for file-content sales) and lets sellers receive up to 2x more earnings than competition. Zero barriers to start selling and protecting their content.

Main points:

  • creators keep 90% of the revenue. Rest: 5% goes to payment fees, 5% to platform.
  • have full control over content, pricing and licensing terms
  • integrated card and crypto payments
  • blockchain micropayments with lower transaction costs
  • Can use ERC-20 blockchain tokens to have permanent server storage
  • content embedding integrations and API provided
  • hybrid fog computing model: Peer-to-Peer torrent protocol integration for popular content distribution

Our mission is to create a platform that gives access and preserves useful files for current and future generations. We would like to create a massive, community powered, decentralized platform, where users, websites and communities can store useful files. P2P layer usage in browsers offloads data-center facilities and allows dynamical scaling based on natural user request volume, saving computational resources.

Users can use the platform via any modern internet browser and they will become instant fog edge nodes. Users can select the files they are interested in and open a file’s web-view where they can use the file online, i.e., view/listen/read, download, read descriptions, comments and other metadata, as well as see related content suggestions. If a file is listed as paid content the user can buy it and do these actions afterwards.

Meet the Team

Janis Viklis
Janis ViklisCEO
Master in Computer Science. Led several IT SaaS product development projects from scratch in B2B and B2C segments. Professional hands-on experience in IT security, privacy, operating systems, networking, programming languages, DBMS, scalability, high availability, redundancy, fog computing, peer-to-peer and blockchain tech.
Madara Paegle
Madara Paegle CTO
Extensive experience in software development and project management. High skill knowledge in the field of software architecture and development, as well as P2P. Highest grade in Master’s thesis on P2P and blockchain practical applications.
Pauls Sondors
Pauls SondorsCFO
Experienced professional who has worked in businesses from various fields, including construction, IT and sports. A strong sense of innovation, sales and management.’s achievements

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Total funding received by under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off event