Trust-less Verifier of Valuable Goods

Stuttgart, Germany

Established in 2020

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Feritas supports companies to keep control over their products.

That is why we developed a smart way to fight product piracy and to provide a new communication channel to the customer. Feritas provides a solution which allows trust-less verification of valuable goods, traceable authentication and a new way of brand engagement. We combine the benefits of secure hardware components and the security features of the Blockchain protecting company’s revenue, the brand image or the end consumers health.

Fakeproof will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Blockchain-based counterfeit- and consumer safety measures for valuable goods

fakeproof aims to create the most secure, scalable and decentralized solution against product piracy. As we observe the rapid adoption of smartphones, reduction in the cost of secure hardware components and the advent of DLT, we leverage them all to build a very unique solution against product piracy, information exchange between producer and consumer across product lifetime, and also analysis of meaningful data.

fakeproof delivers five main advantages:

  • Counterfeit Prevention

With fakeproof, products can be securely authenticated. The smart architecture protects the product even against high level attacks.

  • Traceable Authentication

Location and time of the authentication can be recorded which opens new possibility to analyze the lifecycle of the product.

  • Brand Engagement

fakeproof opens new opportunities to communicate with the customer resulting in a stronger identification with the company’s brand.

  • Data Sovereignty

Customers can display and review data which is added even after the distribution of the product. This enables the possibility to mark stolen goods or recall a production failure before the product is used.

  • Decentralization

By designing an absolute decentralized system fakeproof solution is not dependent on any further provided services. Therefore, there is no single point of failure

Meet the Team

Mathias Scherf
Mathias ScherfManaging Director / Business Developer
Business Developer for innovative solutions who has worked for Banks, Insurances and Consultancies. Holds an LL.M. in European and International Law and a Master in Business Administration.
Julian Sauer
Julian SauerProduct Developer / Technology Officer
A passionate entrepreneur and trained Software Engineer for Blockchain / DLT. Developed the first DLT-based ABCP-issuance without involving a paper-based parallel process in Europe. Specialised in designing Ethereum and IPFS based solutions.
Nandan Joshi
Nandan JoshiProduct Strategist / Marketing Officer
Astrophysicist by education, entrepreneur by nature, with multiple years of experience in FinTech, Banking, Renewable Energy and IoT sectors. Passionate maker and tinkerer of self-sustainable decentralised solutions taking interdisciplinary approach.
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Total funding received by Feritas UG under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off event