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Bucharest, Romania
Established in 2020


Teaser of the company

DiplomaBlock is an innovative startup that will change the way diplomas are stored. By leveraging the Blockchain technology, we want to change the way diplomas are stored and verified by companies all in one platform. Companies will be able to verify and find new candidates and universities will be able to store in the safest way possible the diplomas.

DiplomaBlock will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:



DiplomaBlock is a startup that wants to change the way diplomas are stored by leveraging private Blockchain. Using the technology from HyperLedger Fabric, DiplomaBlock will store diplomas and student’s credentials on a private Blockchain. Companies and other universities
will be able to verify the student’s credentials using a unique ID that the student is giving. Our unique approach will also include a Find feature where companies will be able to find the best candidates that agreed to have their diplomas stored. This approach will bring together the best candidates and companies. Our revenue model will be subscription based and will be offered as a Service. There will be no payment for storing the diplomas, therefore the service will be free for students and universities.

Meet the Team

Alexandru Ghinea
Alexandru GhineaCo-Founder
I’m a tech enthusiast that wants to make a change in society
Liviu Savu
Liviu SavuCo-Founder

DiplomaBlock’s achievements

  • 10/10 Grade at the University of Bucharest Final Thesis

Total funding received by Block Software SRL under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off event