Established in 2019

Company Teaser

As a social trading platform CopyRage connects bloggers, professional stock traders, betters and novices in order to keep them constantly active via the rating system that motivates them to develop their personal accounts. All the transactions are being processed via the APIs at external platforms. As a result, CopyRage is absolutely secure and legal worldwide.

Lack of experience and trust are the major problems most of newbie and professional traders and betters experience nowadays. Solid and reliable platform acting according to the guidelines of fintech regulators and customer expectations is needed. CopyRage offers a better product by connecting customers without being involved in direct trades. Dedicated team and a clear set of values are the strong foundation of CopyRage, setting apart it from the competitors.

Meet the team

Kateryna Cherniei

Startup ninja with strategic mastermind and extensive network of personal C-level contacts in crypto and betting industry.

Aaron Groman

Reputable professional in trading industry with years of experience in forming and managing successful teams.

Total funding received by CopyCore under BlockStart: € 1,500 (Ideation Kick-off)