Novi Sad, Serbia

Established in 2011

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CAM Engineering (CE) is a company founded in 2011. in Novi Sad, Serbia. CE is dedicated to bringing automation solutions to industrial and nonindustrial business areas developing machines and software. CE has entered the ICT sector, developing software in automation, machines, robotic systems, banking, e-commerce, wireless sensor networks (WSN), ID technologies, mobile applications, etc. More recently developing software solutions for the agro-food sector, with projects in e-commerce and crop management with WSN.

Fields of operation:

Automation of industrial and non-industrial systems. A high level of expertise and vast experience of our employees allow efficient and effective implementation of all types of applications.

The basis of any reliable system is well selected, installed and tested equipment. Preventative maintenance and training of system users are also very important factors of a reliable system. Therefore, to meet the requirements of various users and environments, CE is using only the best quality products and services.

ICT sector
CE has a dedicated team of software developers with experience in embedded systems, ID technologies (RFID, QR code, etc.), Internet of Things (IoT), database design, web development, and mobile applications, working to bring the best tailor-made solutions as well as market solutions.

Meet the team

Prof. Dr. Stevan Stankovski
Prof. Dr. Stevan Stankovski, earned BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. in Computer Sciences and Automation. He is working as a professor at the University of Novi Sad and CEO at CAM Engineering. He has over 30 years’ experience in developing and implementing tailor-made solutions in industrial and non-industrial automation.

Total funding received by CAM ENGINEERING under BlockStart: € 1,500 (Ideation Kick-off)