Prague, Czech Republic

Established in 2018

Company Teaser

BrikkApp builds a property crowdfunding investments aggregator. it compares the best real estate investments worldwide to allow individual investors to find the best investment opportunities from as little as 100 EUR.
BrikkApp gives the investors access to the independent market data and cooperate with individual platforms to bring transparency to the market. To date, BrikkApp’s database contains the data from more than 200 real estate crowdfunding platforms worldwide.
BrikkApp mission is to make online property investing easier for everyone and to bring users a complex overview of the industry. Users can make better investment decisions and manage their investment portfolio from one smart dashboard.

Meet the team

Jana Vecerkova (CPO)

Jana is a serial entrepreneur and management professional who helped to build businesses in Belgium, the UK, Czech Republic and all across Europe. She founded the multi-awarded Coding Bootcamp Praha in 2016. She oversees the BrikkApp’s product strategy, vision, and marketing.

Jan Vecerka (CEO)

Jan is an entrepreneur and expert in financial and operational management, commercial real estate and technology. He likes to develop projects from the very beginning and develop new ideas. At BrikkApp Jan is responsible for business and product development, HR and finance.

Jan Polak (CTO)

Jan leads the BrikkApp software development. He is a software engineer with 15+ years of professional experience of developing complex web applications. Jan is also a lead instructor at the Coding Bootcamp Praha.

Total funding received by BrikkApp a.s. under BlockStart: € 1,000 (Ideation Kick-off)