Brickken’s blockchain technology allows the world to be digitized and tokenized

Barcelona, Spain

Established in 2020

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Our comprehensive solutions allow digitization and tokenization of assets like real estate, equity, and other illiquid investment offerings, which allow retail investors to buy and sell the representing tokens in markets that are open 24/7, making our platform a tool for alternative financing schemes, and for investors a new form of generating revenue. Furthermore, we have an API, so third parties can integrate our technology in their applications and make use of our proven technology.

Brickken will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

A Decentralized Application (dApp) to issue Security Token Offerings without intermediaries

Brickken’s objective is for anybody to be able to issue their own Security Token Offerings, without the need for intermediaries to intervene in the process. This will allow the world to be tokenized, as the technology will be readily available for anybody to use it, while staying legally compliant.

Using a dApp, means that a STO can occur in a truly decentralized manner, where Brickken itself does not have to be part of the issuance process, and will allow companies to issue their STOs how they best deem fit and from any country they want. This will reduce frictions, costs and will make it more accessible for companies interested in using STOs as an alternative form of finance.

By doing so, investments can be democratized, since it will be possible for retail investors to invest in different class of assets, create their portfolio and be engaged in markets that are open 24/7. Tokenization is all about reducing entry barriers to allow anybody to invest, and we can now look now into a world where people will be able to invest in assets such as real estate, art, scarce and valuable resources like they never imagined before.

Meet the Team

Edwin Mata
Edwin MataLegal Architect & Bandmaster
Serial entrepreneur & digital lawyer specialized in new technologies and blockchain.
Lecturer in universities and business schools, and advisor for startups in fintech and
Manuel Ortiz-Olave
Manuel Ortiz-OlaveFinance Strategy, Excel Master & Tokenomics
Infrastructure and real asset investment expert in M&A and project finance across public and private equity markets in multiple countries in the EU. Financial modelling wizard
Ludovico Rossi
Ludovico RossiStrategic Organisational Marshal
Startupper specialised in innovation, agile methodologies, go-to-market strategies and blockchain technology. Blockchain devotee and decentralization lover
Dario Lo Buglio
Dario Lo BuglioBlockchain Ninja
Experienced blockchain developer and blockchain security researcher, specialised in
creating real world product models and speeding up blockchain adoption
Pedro Sandoval
Pedro SandovalTech Shepherd and Clergyman of Decentralization
Outside of the box thinker, Blockchain economist and cryptocurrency developer,
programing headhunter, tech project manager and business modeller
Felipe Donofrio
Felipe DonofrioBlockchain Wizard and Relentless Blockchain Entrepreneur
Tech enthusiast and self-taught blockchain expert, with more than four years fully dedicated to Blockchain-based technology endeavors including mining and exchange mechanisms such as trading, arbitrage, OTC operations and others. Devoted to finding new and innovative applications for blockchain
Yassir Haouati
Yassir HaouatiGrowth Engineer
Growth marketer & engineer specialized in funnel creation and marketing automation. Frontend developer specialized in Vue.js, Angular.js and React.js.
Bram Duindam
Bram DuindamDigital Marketing & Media Buy Strategist
Specialized in cross channel marketing campaigns with over 7 years experience in
performance marketing, and growth hacking techniques
Lucero Chargoy
Lucero ChargoyCommunity Builder
Specialist in public finance and tax, with experience in fundraising for NGOs and business creation for the economic inclusion of women in Latin America. A passionate devotee of decentralized finance.

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Total funding received by Brick Token S.L. under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off