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DLT developers, creating Blockchain-based solutions

Girona, Spain

Established in 2018

Teaser of the company

We are a high-tech company with strong focus on business growth by the uptake of IT enabling, cutting edge technologies, and a perfect fit with the proper consultancy to leverage that growth by public and private funding, and further collaborations. Our unique innovation ecosystem gathers established companies, competent innovation experts, and unequal partners has allowed us to implement several projects applying Blockchain development, Artificial Intelligence, and tokenization.

Blue Room Innovation will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

SCENTS: Blockchain based art expositions to cover the life-time exhibits of digital art pieces

Trading with NFTs has become a disruptive market with exponential growth and a bright future. Our solution focuses on the most common NFT standard for trading digital art: ERC 721, we will develop an extension of this NFT to add value to the piece of art by tracking its lifetime exposition, from the artist creation to the last exhibition where it has been exposed: The extension with SCENTS is a necessary step towards that vision.
We will develop this NFT exchangeable and interoperable with ETH, DOT and completely integrable with ERC 721 standard,SCENTS. Thus, will implement any relevant information for the collector regarding the trajectory of the piece of art that can be accepted across any type of NFT marketplace which chooses to implement this EIP. This standard will allow NFTs that support ERC 721, to have a standardized way of signalling information. More specifically, these contracts will add value to the piece of art, providing an autonomous identity – not necessarily attached to the artist, but to the piece of art itself – turning out in an increase of the price for collectors.
Finally, it should be noticed the wide range of opportunities this technology has in other markets, such as fashion, personal branding – influencers – industry, etc. By tracking with blockchain technology the information shared among the whole community involved in a business, turns out in a trustworthy source of information for clients, increasing the value whether it is a product or service.

Meet the Team

Denisa Gibovic
Denisa Gibovic CEO
Founder of the company, Professional track-record of 20 exciting years both within industry as well as the research sector always engaged in international cutting-edge projects Master in Management of International Projects by the Technical University of Vienna
Estel Guillaumes
Estel Guillaumes PMO
Project Manager (2017), She is the Financial Project Manager in Blue Room and the person in charge of general project management, analyse European programme calls and support project proposals. 8+ years experience assessing projects from public and private funding sources
Victor Torres
Victor Torres Senior Innovation Consultant
Marc Melús
Marc Melús
Economist with over 6 years professional experience in finance, now providing financial support for the proposals presented in different programs such as EIC, Horizon, NEOTEC etc. In addition, seeking additional funding to develop disruptive solutions
Xavi Tarrés
Xavi Tarrés CTO
Technical engineer in computer systems from the University of Girona experience and skills include PHP and MYSQL, webservice JAVA EE, leading the development of a blockchain network focused on recycling
Jordi Forroll
Jordi Forroll Senior Software Engineer
For over 10+ years, I have been creating several innovation solutions for different kind of companies. Currently I am focused on RECICLOS project implementing blockchain in recycling projects
Adrià Llorens
Adrià Llorens Senior Software Engineer
Technical engineer in computer systems from the University of Girona, relevant experience in TECNIO Center Easy, where he acquired and improved PHP and Yii2 skills thanks to NIR VANA project
David Plaza
David Plaza Senior Software Engineer
Engineer in computer systems by University of Girona, strong expertise in leading and developing several projects related to technological innovation for more than 10 years
Bogdan Cata
Bogdan Cata Junior Software Engineer
Engineer in computer systems by University of Girona with 2+ year experience in blockchain projects in TECNIO Center Easy and Blue Room Innovation
Laia Pérez
Laia Pérez Marketing & Communication
Master in R&D in agrosector and postgraduate in Marketing, Strong expertise in digital marketing and communication strategies. Proven track record implementing digital campaigns in Decathlon and now in Blue Room Innovation
Paula Vilatje
Paula Vilatje Creativity & Communication
Graduated in Audio-visual and Multimedia Communication. 2+ years of proven experience developing webs for different projects and designing communication campaigns

Blue Room Innovation’s achievements

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Total funding received by Blue Room Innovation under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off event