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Pamplona, Spain

Established in 2016

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Bersey is innovation. We believe that innovation is the tool capable of responding to today’s economic, social, and environmental challenges. Innovation is complex, but at Bersey we are experts in its materialization and financing. Our mission is to provide experts, time and space for organizations interested in developing innovation in their organizations to grow in a safe and sustainable way.

Bersey has tested, validated and adopted HOPU’s blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:

Why has the company decided to implement the solution: Sustainability is a reality that companies are beginning to embrace. Moreover, authorities are pushing for measures to facilitate the achievement of the global targets set in relation to the increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere. Bersey, a company that offers services related to innovation, wishes to offer a new category of services to its clients, facilitating the exchange of voluntary carbon credits.

Added value of the solution to the company: Bersey will position itself as a pioneer in offering value-added services related to sustainability. This will allow us to create a new business area, focused on providing innovation and sustainability-related services.

What has been done during BlockStart’s pilot stage: The objective was to develop a real and certified monitoring of CO2 emissions in industrial environments.

In collaboration with HOPU and in a structured manner, the following activities have been developed:

  • We proceeded to the design of the service.
  • A technological solution was designed.

Once these milestones were completed, we proceeded to the development of monitoring (x2) in industrial environments. For this purpose:

  • A work team has been created with the technicians of the industrial facilities.
  • Emission sources have been identified as well as a definition on how to estimate them.
  • HOPU technology has been installed.
  • Real-time monitoring of CO2 equivalent emissions in industrial areas has been carried out.
  • The data has been analyzed and a calculation of the emissions in each facility has been made.
  • The measurement has been certified, with the use blockchain technology.

Next steps:

  • This first certified measurement will make it easier for the company to assess the environmental impact of its processes on its products. To do so, the technical team will work on an action plan aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our processes.

Meet the Team

Alberto Ezcurra
Alberto EzcurraCEO
Business Development Consultant expert in the design of business and strategic plans, in the detection of business opportunities and in the development and implementation of new projects.
Virginia Soto
Virginia SotoSenior Consultant and Industrial Engineer
Roland Ballester
Roland BallesterSenior Consultant
Senior Consultant with extensive experience in Procurement, Supply Chain, and Project Management
Fermín Sagaseta
Fermín SagasetaSenior Consultant
Azahara Etxabe
Azahara EtxabeJunior Consultant and Innovation design
Jon Palomares
Jon PalomaresJunior Consultant and Marketing and Digitalization

Media Features

“It has been a great experience for us, as it has allowed us to meet great travel companions. BlockStart has made it easier for us to introduce a disruptive technology like Blockchain in our company and apply it to new innovative services that we would not be able to provide without this technology.”

Alberto Ezcurra, CEO, Bersey

Total funding received by Bersey Consulting SL under BlockStart: €3,000 for Pilot Stage