An alternative economy based on barter and self-sufficiency

Dublin, Ireland

Established in 2020

Teaser of the company

Barterkind is an online community & alternative economy based on barter & self-sufficiency. We’re connecting like-minded people & allowing them to exchange their skills, earning tradeable tokens for their time. Our mission in this uncertain economic climate, is to move away from transactional money norms & make services more accessible to all. Barterkind puts in place a structure to protect individuals & businesses, with the ethos that being cash-poor shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re skill-rich.

Barterkind will test and validate the following blockchain-based solution in the scope of BlockStart:


Barterkind is an online exchange, based on community, barter & self-sufficiency. We aim to move away from transactional money norms & make services more accessible to all. Following the financial doubt brought since Covid, with this project we want to put in place a structure to protect both individuals & businesses: an alternative, & circular economy. 

Barterkind combines the old & the new, barter & blockchain technology. We’re digitising & tokenising the oldest form of commerce, with modern concepts like liquidity pools & potential to earn yielding. Our algorithms will connect like-minded people & let them offer their services all over the world, in exchange for other services, or income – in the form of tokens. 

We initially intended on a B2C model, serving individuals who needed a novel way of accessing services. Think of those unemployed, or in countries where not everyone’s entitled to work, or to own a bank account, Barterkind lets them utilise their skills, and earn rewards. This’ll provide opportunity to education/upskilling, so there’s a social return on investment as well as financial.

On market research we realised there’s a need for barter amongst businesses too. With small businesses decimated every day & many on budgets, owners need an economic way of outsourcing tasks. In bartering they can save both money & time, with this system potentially benefitting any company in any sector – as long as they provide a service.

With Barterkind, we aim to create a convenient seg-way for the average person into the cryptocurrency world, allowing as many people as possible to benefit from decentralised finance. We want to provide people with a new way to exchange value quickly, potentially revolutionising the service industry.

Meet the Team

Carla Rosenkranz
Carla RosenkranzCEO
Carla is a linguist and an entrepreneur with a background in both the humanitarian and business worlds. This combination allows her to look at life with a holistic perspective, something she definitely brings forth to Barterkind and its vision.
Paddy McHale
Paddy McHaleCTO
Paddy is the blockchain brain behind the project, with a computer programming degree and years of experience under his belt with some of the most well-known tech companies. Where Carla has vision, Paddy has the technical skills to actually realize it.

Barterkind’ achievements

  • Selected out of 130+ applications at Empower Start (GMIT Innovation Hubs)

  • One of fifty projects selected in 2021 at Dublin BIC Investor Ready Programme

  • Participated in the New Frontiers Programme 2021

Media features

Total funding received by Barterkind under BlockStart: €1,000  for Ideation Kick-off event