Athens, Greece

Established in 2007

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Aratos.Net provides smart mobile applications for satellite data processing, healthcare and assisted living solutions, public safety solutions, mobility and location-based value-added services using different innovative technologies. The use of NFC, RFID, Beacons and our broad experience in integrated systems’ design and database management systems make Aratos.Net leading in the relevant market. The company carries out Research and Development activities using space and satellite technologies with a vision to make them available and accessible for end-users, with value-added services in the areas of Disaster Management, Environmental protection, Agricultural Monitoring, Land Use and Urban Planning.

Meet the team

Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos, President of Aratos Group
CEO of
He has a mathematical background, and since 1987 he is the President, Managing Director and shareholder of business entities related to Information Technologies, Space Technologies and he is expert in Commissions of European Commission, European Parliament and UNICE in the field of Entrepreneurial assistance, Innovation, Research & Technological Development, Training and in Relations with Third Countries.

Dr. Ioannis Dontas, Senior EU Project Consultant
He has a degree in Physics and PhD from the Chemical Engineering Department, Patras University where he conducted postdoctoral research in Material Science. He has been involved in Projects Coordination for public and private entities regarding ICT, Environmental and Homeland Security solutions. He has published 10 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Mr. George Makropoulos, Research Engineer
He is currently a PhD(c) Researcher (5G resources management for IoT optimization) in Informatics and Telecommunications Department of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He is a graduate in Electronics engineering and received his MSc degree in Advanced Informatics and Computing Systems from University of Piraeus in Greece. Areas of expertise include Networking, Hardware Engineering Telecommunications and Blockchain Technology Integration.

Total funding received by ARATOS NTOT NET Ltd under BlockStart: € 1,000 (Ideation Kick-off)