We need you and your experience on our BlockStart’s Slack and Telegram communities. Help us build a strong and engaging blockchain community and participate in the discussion and networking with fellow companies, end-users, and ecosystem supporters of blockchain

If you have been following BlockStart for the last 1 year and a half, you might be aware that our goal is three-fold: support early-stage DLT/blockchain startups who want to further develop their solutions, match them with innovative SME adopters of those technologies and further understand the EU blockchain context, its challenges and be a driver for future trends.

So far, through our Acceleration Programme, BlockStart has already been able to support 10 early-stage DLT/blockchain startups. 5 of them reached our Pilot stage and have been able to further develop their MVP and validate it with 18 end-user SMEs. But there is more to it! We have also established a blockchain community on Slack and Telegram since day 1 of the project. Both these communities are open to all DLT/blockchain startups, innovative SMEs willing to implement blockchain, experts and other ecosystem stakeholders, such as blockchain intermediaries (i.e., accelerators, incubators, etc.), SME associations, VCs, policy makers, among others.

About the Slack channel

BlockStart expects to highlight any project milestone considered relevant in the network and this community is based on shared interests in connecting EU DLT/blockchain startups, SME adopters and blockchain ecosystem players. Overall, BlockStart uses this community to present other EU funding and mentoring opportunities, as well as events, to its startup and SME community, further supporting them in reaching their market and collaboration goals. But it also provides a matchmaking platform to those who want to connect and further explore similar interests, namely between SMEs’ needs and startups’ solutions, or between these and VCs looking to invest in the next blockchain unicorn.

With a community of more than 200 members (and counting!), BlockStart is looking to further expand its scope and wants to add more expertise and practical experience around the topic. So, if you are interested, would like to contribute, pave the way for building strong partnerships and stay tuned with the latest trends and opportunities, then join our Slack community. This channel will be used to disseminate recommendations, opportunities and also share difficulties between all participants, ultimately creating a strong and engaging blockchain community that is expected to continue to thrive even after the end of the project.

About the Telegram channel

If you are more of a Telegram user, then be aware that BlockStart’s community is also present in this platform. With more than 40 members, this channel is more about Q&A between the BlockStart consortium and potential applicants to our Open Calls. So, feel free to drop us a message or any question you might have!

We look forward to you joining our community!