Advanced Microturbines core business is energy harvesting, based on compact microturbines coupled to IoT solutions. The microturbines range from 30 W to support for data-driven management of networks to 50 kW, for energy recovery, and microturbines can be installed on existing infrastructures with minor modifications and minimal maintenance.

As part of their journey on BlockStart’s 3rd Acceleration Programme, as an SME adopter, they were looking for new opportunities for collaboration with technology providers of DLT/blockchain solutions that could improve their business. This is the testimonial of their experience in our programme.

In one paragraph, what is Advanced Microturbines?

We were established in 2013 as a spin-off of the Italian Institute of Technology, and we are focused on the design and production of microturbines for energy harvesting coupled to smart IoT solutions.

What is Advanced Microturbines passionate about achieving?

We are passionate about green energy solutions, that support energy transition and improve the efficiency and the environmental sustainability of water and gas assets.

Can you tell us why you have decided to apply to BlockStart’s 3rd Call for end-user SMEs?

Currently, our products are self-powered, real-time gas and water IoT systems that enable continuous remote monitoring of gas and water networks. A microturbine enables IoT connectivity whilst being independent of the electrical grid. This is coupled to smart control unit that manages the IoT system and generates a wealth of reliable real-time data to improve asset management of pipeline infrastructures.

We decided to apply to BlockStart as we aim at producing highly reliable trusted field data with the introduction of a blockchain layer in the IoT data acquisition and processing. The trust enabled by blockchain will allow the creation of additional value from data.

What major challenges have you faced during the implementation/testing of BlockStart’s blockchain-based solution?

We haven’t faced any major challenge thanks to the excellent team work during the project with BlockTac, the developer company partner. In the Pilot stage we applied blockchain technology to trust IoT data. These were secured with blockchain and transmitted to a cloud.

What kind of impact do you think the blockchain-based solution you have implemented in the scope of BlockStart may bring to your company?

Using blockchain in our IoT technology will pave the way to new business models where hardware and software solutions seamlessly integrate. 

Such trusted data could for instance be used to improve data security, support predictive maintenance algorithms, and in the future enabling smart contracts.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

We aim to establish ourselves as reference company for energy harvesting, off-grid power solutions and IoT technology for the data-driven management of smart gas and water grids. 

Want to know more about the blockchain-based solution adopted by Advanced Microturbines?

Visit BlockTac’s webpage or watch the video below to learn more about the “Blockchain of Things Devices”, solution implemented by Advanced Microturnbines in the scope of BlokStart’s 3rd Acceleration Programme.


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