Until 6 July, innovative SMEs willing to adopt blockchain solutions to help grow their businesses can apply to BlockStart, win €1.500 equity-free funding to participate at a matchmaking event with blockchain developers and have the chance to validate and pilot blockchain solutions later on in the programme

In this 3rd and final Open Call, BlockStart continues its efforts to facilitate goal-oriented, business-focused, and mutually beneficial partnerships between blockchain/DLT solution providers and end-users SMEs, with focus on the fintech, ICT and retail sectors.

As a 3-stage intensive mentor-led acceleration programme for blockchain/DLT developers, and with a duration of 6 months, blockchain startups are expected to further develop their MVPs and, at the same time, foster valuable partnerships with innovative SMEs, willing to test, validate and implement their blockchain solutions to help them grow their business. All, with the support of BlockStart.

Thus, BlockStart is currently running its 3rd and final Open Call for SME Adopters, willing to partner with blockchain startups. The Open Call #3 for SME adopters opened on the 17th of March 2021 and will remain continuously open until the end of the programme’s Prototype stage (November 2021), with several cut-off dates throughout the year. More concretely, the 1st one is set to select at least 10 end-user SMEs for the Ideation Kick-off event (online, 27-28 July 2021) and the other aims at selecting at least 20 SME adopters for participation at the Pilot stage (December-February 2021). The 1st cut-off date will run until the 6th of July 2021 at 5pm CET/Brussels Time.

What is the Ideation Kick-off event?

If you are interested in applying to BlockStart’s 1st cut-off date for SME Adopters of our current Open Call #3, then this is what you should know about our perks: this stage is all about building relationships. We are looking for innovative SMEs with ambition, product vision built from original insight and capacity for focused execution. Interested SMEs should apply here and carefully read BlockStart’s Guidelines for Applicants.

They are also invited to complete our Do You Need Blockchain Assessment Tool, to learn if they are ready for blockchain. This tool has been designed by the BlockStart consortium to help non-blockchain companies find out whether their organization would benefit from the adoption of blockchain/DLT and why. This method also recognizes the potential to participate in the BlockStart programme and provide potential SME adopters with short suggestions for further steps in the world of blockchain/DLT.

Thus, by applying until the 6th of July at 5pm CET/Brussels Time, you would be applying to a participation at BlockStart’s 3rd Ideation Kick-off event, which will be held online on the 27th and 28th of July. At this matchmaking event, SMEs are expected to present themselves and blockchain-related problems and needs to, at least, 20 blockchain/DLT developers previously selected through our Open Call #3 for DLT Developers. Apart from that, 1-1 matchmaking meetings will be held between startup developers and end-user SMEs. In order to cover the costs of their participation at this event, SMEs will receive €1.500 equity-free funding.

At least, 10 SMEs are expected to be selected to participate at the Ideation Kick-off event. Curious? You can take a look at this blogpost on our previous Ideation Kick-off event, from Open Call #2.

And what comes next?

After the Ideation Kick-off event, the Open Call #3 for SME Adopters will remain open, for the 2nd cut-off date, which will be announced shortly. SMEs who have applied to the first one are automatically eligible for the 2nd one. Thus, no double application is needed. With this 2nd cut-off, BlockStart expects to select, at least, 20 end-user SMEs to engage with our blockchain developers in the Pilot stage of our acceleration programme, which will run between December 2021 and February 2022. In this stage, SMEs will be offered €3.000 to compensate for their engagement during the Pilot stage, in which they will work alongside blockchain startups and have a unique opportunity to validate/pilot their solutions and refine their products, and grow their businesses by integrating a blockchain component.

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Please make sure that you submit your application before the end of this 1st cut-off-date! For more information on this cut-off date, please contact us through the F6S BlockStart pageFollow BlockStart on F6S