BlockStart is excited to partner with R3, an enterprise software firm that is pioneering digital industry transformation. Join their next Startup Series Webinar that kick-starts this collaboration and learn more about how EU funding can help your startup

R3 is an enterprise software firm that is pioneering digital industry transformation. With its foundation in enterprise blockchain technology, they power solutions that deliver trust across the financial services industry and beyond. David E. Rutter and Todd McDonald founded R3 in 2014 with the belief that digital transformation was the future for highly regulated industries everywhere. And they were right! 7 years after, “digitalization” and “trust” are the new buzzwords which linked with the rise of blockchain technology opens a new world filled with enormous opportunities for tech startups all around the world.

With a passion to drive their vision forward, R3 developed Corda, a purpose-built DLT application development platform that has facilitated hundreds of blockchain networks across trade finance, insurance, capital markets and banking. Building on the success of Corda, R3 then launched Conclave, a confidential computing platform that empowers businesses to develop applications that analyse and process sensitive data from multiple parties without compromising confidentiality.

Today, R3 is more than a blockchain company: it is a global network of blockchain startups, corporates and ecosystem builders that bring together their best practice and expertise and together leverage, scale, and support the next generation of blockchain technology. And this is were BlockStart comes in: as part of this thriving ecosystem through its acceleration programme, the project fosters blockchain adoption across the EU and supports innovative and tech-driven startups in the areas of ICT, fintech and retail to further develop, test and implement their blockchain solutions, helping them grow their business. Run by a team of 3 partners – Bright Pixel, CIVITTA and F6S – it has just launched its 3rd and final Open Call, that will remain open until 26 May at 5pm CET (Brussels Time).

The BlockStart-R3 partnership

Due to their roles in the blockchain ecosystem, BlockStart and R3 have decided to combine efforts and cooperate, helping the next generation of early-stage startups to find their way at a time when they still struggle to secure funding for their venture, but desperately need time and resources for product building and pilot testing. Backed by the visibility provided by R3, BlockStart will have the chance to further disseminate its Open Call #3 to a broader community of startups.

But this is not all! To kick-start this amazing partnership, BlockStart Coordinator João Fernandes was invited to be part of another Startup Series Webinar promoted by R3 Venture Development Programme, R3’s gateway for early-stage blockchain startups into its ecosystem of over 400 organizations, and we could not have been more honored! The Webinar entitled “How Blockchain Startups Can Secure Government-backed Funding” will be held on 20 April at 2pm CET and interested participants can register below.


If you are an entrepreneur struggling to go from innovation to growth and execution with limited access to capital, then this Webinar is the right fit for you. Together with João Fernandes you will navigate the opportunities of Government-backed programmes, prepare your blockchain startup for equity-free funding and get ready to successfully apply to BlockStart Open Call #3 and other European Acceleration Programmes.

BlockStart’s Open Call #3

In its 3rd and final Open Call, BlockStart is looking for early and growth-stage blockchain/DLT startups from all over the EU and H2020 Associated Countries in the fields of fintech, ICT and retail. This programme will provide startups with access to a variety of perks, including equity free funding of up to €20.000, access to piloting opportunities, mentorship, and exposure to investors and advisors.

Interested startups should fill in an online application form at F6S platform. Deadline for applications is 26 May at 5pm CET (Brussels Time).

For more information on application criteria and how to apply, interested applicants can go to and consult the FAQ section. BlockStart will also organize 2 Q&A Webinars for future applicants on 14 April and 12 May 2021 at 11am CET (Brussels Time) and you can save your seat here and here.

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