Are you an innovative SME and would like to assess your readiness level to implement blockchain to grow your business? Then learn more about our assessment tool and apply to our Open Call #3 for SME Adopters

Assess your blockchain readiness level

When considering blockchain technology, it is an important step to evaluate both the associated potential benefits and limitations. In order to save time and resources exploring and evaluating business readiness for blockchain, use the “Do you need blockchain?” assessment tool, which has been designed to help you find out whether your business would benefit from adoption of blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and in which particular areas. 

Take a short survey and:

  • Assess whether a blockchain solution could remove some of the existing business frictions associated with the current business processes. 
  • Determine if characteristics, such as trust, immutability and finality could provide significant value for in your (use) case. 
  • Assess whether those benefits could result in a reduction in cost and/or risk, or if they could improve process efficiencies.
  • Analyze if there are additional benefits (to you or your clients and partners) to your business and services that can be achieved by implementing blockchain within your solutions.

The tool is divided into 3 blocks:

  1. Company’s innovation level assessment (4 questions)
  2. The need of blockchain assessment (13 questions)
  3. Conclusions about the need for blockchain for each SME taking the tool (9 presumptions)

The survey-based tool contains 17 questions and it takes about approximately 15 minutes to complete. It has been developed with SMEs in mind but it is also relevant for other types of entities.

Apply to our Open Call #3 for SME Adopters

According to the results you get by filling in the ‘Do you need blockchain’ assessment tool, you might consider participating in BlockStart, namely in our 3rd and final Open Call for SME Adopters of blockchain technology, to help you grow your business. The deadline for submitting applications is 6 July at 5pm CET (Brussels Time) and you can apply here. SMEs participating in BlockStart will have the chance to pilot our startups blockchain solutions into their businesses and adapt them according to their needs, and will receive up to €4.500 for their involvement.

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