On 9 September, more than 65 viewers joined BlockStart’s online event, to hear from our expert & discuss the current state of blockchain technology

On the 9th of September, at 2pm CET (Brussels Time), all eyes were on BlockStart’s “Should I use blockchain? Sector challenges and future trends” online event. Over 65 people joined this Webinar, who was also live on Facebook, organized by CIVITTA in the scope of BlockStart’s programme.

The Webinar was presented by Vytautas Černiauskas, expert at CIVITTA, with over 13 years of experience in business development, operations, project management, communications and managing startups. For one hour, he delighted the viewers with the presentation of an exciting qualitative research on the status of blockchain technology i.e. where blockchain is successfully applied today, and which sectors would benefit the most from the application of blockchain-based solutions.

During the discussion, it became clear that blockchain can bring a lot of value by acting as immutable and transparent data and complex transactions ledger, storing all data about actions and transactions in supply chains. The successful application of this technology in several sectors, namely on the tracking of agricultural goods, on healthcare or finance, among others, was also highlighted.

According to Vytautas, research findings confirm that the impact of blockchain is higher in 3 sectors: wholesale & retail, fintech and ICT. However, there are still a few challenges to overcome such as to convince suppliers to adopt blockchain-based solutions, high legislative barriers or guaranteeing data security.

The event was very dynamic, allowing participants to pose questions in a chat group throughout the event. Some pools were also added in the beginning of the event, to engage people to interact and share their background and expectations for the Webinar.

But at the end of this presentation, the question on everyone’s mind was only one: with blockchain technology up and running, how can a company easily decide if it should consider blockchain? Luckily, Vytautas had the answer: companies now have the chance to assess their blockchain adoption readiness by filling in the Do You Need Blockchain Assessment Tool, created by CIVITTA in the scope of BlockStart.

What a great event this was! Whether you did not have the chance to watch the Webinar or you enjoyed it so much that you want to go for it a second time, here is the recording of the event: