Genova, Italy

Established in 2019

Company Teaser

Charity Wall is a Social Marketplace that, through the BlockChain, traces and certifies the use of donations and allows donating in total security and monitoring, commenting and constantly verifying the development of each specific social project.
The word Social is because it is oriented to serve the charity sector, and because it allows donors and receivers to create a story around the various social projects that any registered user can view and comment on.
Donations can be money and Charity Wall traces the contribution from the donor to the receiver and how it is spent. Goods can also be donated; in this case, Charity Wall traces the fund-raising, the purchase, donation of goods and receipt by the non-profit organization and their use.
Our aim is to ensure that, through a system of transparency and traceability, the trust of donors in the charity sector can increase, favoring donations to social impact projects that guarantee transparency and ensuring that donations actually reach those who need them.
Charity Wall wants to trace through BlockChain and make public all the documentation related to the activity of NPOs and also to trace and convey in complete way donations flows among the various stakeholders.

Meet the team

Alessandro Giuntoni
Full-stack developer, 16 years of experience in Software Developments, Blockchain Expert.

Luca Busolli
Enterpreneur & Digital Innovator. 16 years of experience in Buisness Development & Management. Founder of 2 start-ups.

Simone Borghini
Full-stack developer. 20 years of experience in Software Developments. Founder of 2 start-ups.

Total funding received by CHARITY WALL SRL under BlockStart: € 1,000 (Ideation Kick-off)